Skipper NFTs

An Emerging Collection of Digital Art and Merchandise

Ship ahoy! ⛵

Welcome to my website

You can call me Skipper, and this is where I share some of my thoughts and creations.
I am here to have fun, please join me.

Many of the things I create were born from art challenges and games,
which are held on a regular basis in the Refresh discord server and other places.
In addition, I am also interested in exploring the nature of art on the blockchain:
juxtaposing binary and written code with the images that are either produced from this
or derived from somewhere else.

I have a background in theatre as an actor, director, producer, and playwright;
and I work on early modern visual culture in Europe. Recently, I started coding
to gain a better understanding and appreciation of on chain art.
Now, I am beginning to create some things of my own. I would love to hear your thoughts.
Please feel free to ask me any questions

Bon voyage, Godspeed, and happy landing!