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PeaceAndLoveOnchain was created to raise money for charitable
causes related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The NFT is a limited
collection of 10 NFTs adapted fromLoveOnChain

The collection has been made available in different ways:

  1. #01 was auctioned in theRefreshdiscord server
  2. #02 was auctioned in theBored Claude Parody Clubdiscord server
  3. #03 was auctioned in theCardano Robindiscord server
  4. #04 was auctioned in theWeasel Valleydiscord server
  5. #05 was auctioned in theAdabotsdiscord server,
    as part of the NFT Creators for peace drop
  6. #06-09 will be distributed on 3rd of June to holders of #LoveOnChain
    and #HeartofGold tokens (for early supporters)
  7. #10 will be randomly distributed
  8. Recipients of #06-#10 are free to hold, share, or sell/auction these assets as they please

Policy id (with no royalties):


Limited series of 10 NFTs